Pop Up Sockets For Kitchen Worktops & Island

Modern Power Solutions offers the best Pop Up Sockets For Kitchen Worktops & Island bench-tops. You can learn more about pop up sockets below.

Stylish, innovative, and accessible power access designed to meet societies growing need for readily available power and data.

The days of searching for the perfect power solution for your kitchen worktop or island are gone! Access multiple power sockets and USB charging ports simultaneously, simply and neatly with the entire MPS V2 range - The perfect solution when needing additional power to cook a feast for all your friends and family!

MPS V2 Pop Up Power Sockets feature two UK Power Outlets and two USB Charging outlets, allowing users to easily charge their portable devices and provide power to their kitchen devices with ease.

Pop Up Sockets For Kitchen Worktops & Island V2GSSB-UK

The ability of the V2 range of Pop Up Power Sockets to easily hide away with a simple push, or be extracted with a simple pull, allows the V2 range to be installed in any kitchen worktops or kitchen island without getting in the way of other appliances.

Available in a variety of colour options, the V2 range boasts style when hidden or erect - White, Stainless Steel or Glossy Silver, There's a V2 colour option to suit any kitchen environment.

Installation of the V2 Pop Up Power Sockets in kitchens is simple. A hole in the worktop bench or kitchen island with a diameter of 102mm is required in the desired installation surface. The unit can then be fitted to the hole, and plugged into a standard power point underneath the bench top surface. The unit is then ready for immediate use – No professional help required!

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