Buy your pop up counter outlets at Modern Power Solutions. We are a leading supplier in the United Kingdom with a focus on quality, longevity and style. This is our speciality. 

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Pop-up countertop outlets are a type of outlet that operate using a retractable mechanism. They are tucked away neatly in a counter when not in use, and conveniently accessible when required. They are typically installed into a kitchen countertop, worktop or desk and are activated by pressing the top.

It’s the finer details that set the best homes apart

There are many decisions to make when building or renovating your home or office – wall and carpet colours, tile designs, tap styles etc. It can be very time-consuming. Many people won’t even give a second thought to their electrical installations. They assume there is nothing aside from the standard white plastic wall outlet. Nothing could be further from the truth.

Pop up counter outlets - simple, yet ingeniously effective

At Modern Power Solutions, we are revolutionising the way people access power in their homes and offices. Through the use of innovative pop up counter outlets, whether its kitchen appliances or mobile devices, power & charging has never been better.

Everything you need to know about pop up outlets

Pop Up Countertop Sockets FAQ's

How to install a pop up socket?
We have made installation as simple as possible. Your pop-up electrical outlet is designed to plug straight into a power outlet. This means all you need to do is cut a hole in your bench to size and plug it into a power outlet that is below your countertop keeping it all hidden and discrete.

Are pop-up sockets any good?
There are so many advantages to installing flip-up plug sockets and pop-up electrical sockets that they are becoming more popular every year. Easy to install, discrete when not in use, convenient, and versatile are just some of the many advantages. Removing the need for extension cords also gives a safety advantage with no trip hazards or potential tangles.

Where can I buy pop-up power outlets?
Pop-up plug sockets are available right here with Modern Power Solutions. We recommend you review our guide to placing an order so you can order with confidence knowing you have a professional company backing your order. Your pop-up plug sockets include an attractive warranty for that extra peace of mind. We are always available for any pop-up sockets queries you may have.