Compare our Pop Up Electrical Sockets

Last Updated September 2021

At Modern Power Solutions, there are a few options to choose from when selecting the best pop up power outlet for your use case. This blog will go through and compare the different models to help customers find the most suitable one.

Currently, there are two ranges available at Modern Power Solutions, the V3 and V14.

V3 Range:

The V3 range is a motorised-lift pop-up unit. It goes up and down with the touch of the button on its lid. LED’s under the glass lid indicate its moving position.

The V3 range fits within a 90mm-100mm hole diameter. There are 2x USB-A ports providing 10w of power and 2x UK power outlets.

The V3 range is plug and play, it comes fitted with a UK plug on a 1.8m cable, so it is easy to connect to power under your bench.

V14 Range:

The V14 range is a gas-strut operated pop-up unit. It raises by pressing down on its lid. The V14 also features a Qi wireless charging top, four UK power sockets, 2x USB-A ports and 2x RJ45 ports for data and phone (optional connection).

The V14 range is plug and play, it comes fitted with a UK plug on a 1.8m cable, so it is easy to connect to power under your bench.

V3 vs V14 range?

The V14 range is larger in diameter but shorter than the V3 range (120mm hole vs 95mm hole)

Benefits of V3 over V14?

The V3 range is a futuristic-looking power point with LED indicators on its glass top and lifts automatically with a motor by the touch of a button. The V3 also features a rubber seal around the lid which is watertight when closed. In terms of size, the V3 fits in a smaller hole which may be preferable for tighter spaces.

Benefits of V14 over V3?

The V14’s key features are its Qi wireless charging top and its abundance of connectivity, featuring four power, two USB, and two RJ45 – more than the V3 range. The V14 has a simpler plain top – single colour without the elements of LED’s, glass and designs on the V3.


The V14 has more features, but the V3 range is watertight when closed, making it better for wetter areas, and the motorised functionality is unique. At the end of the day, it is up to personal preference and use case requirements.

Feel free to get in touch with a sales representative if you need further assistance.

What happens if I spill water on my bench-top?

Spills on bench-tops are inevitable. At Modern Power Solutions, we get asked this question a lot: what happens if I have a pop up power point installed and someone spills water on the bench? The short answer is: most of our models are designed for kitchens and designed to withstand spills safely. In this article, we will go into a bit more detail on this topic.


If water is spilled on your bench-top in the vicinity of your pop up power point, and the power point is wet, the first thing we recommend is to switch off or disconnect the power going to the unit from either under the bench or your household electrical control panel.

Once the power is disconnected, you can then proceed to drying any water on the unit as well as above and below the bench-top. Once the water is dry, we recommend waiting a further 24 hours before reconnecting power to the unit. From here, you can continue using the pop up power point as normal.

Installation considerations: 

Depending on your local building and electrical regulations, it is generally recommended that a pop up power point is installed at least 0.8m away from a water source or sink. The 0.8m rule applies in most jurisdictions. This will help protect large amounts of water from coming into contact with your product, which could otherwise cause long-term damage.

Sealed models: 

Some models, such as the V3 range, have a rubber seal that protects against water ingress when in the closed position. If water is spilled above the bench-top and the unit is closed, then simply drying the area around will allow you to use it again immediately.

Other considerations:

Our models are designed for kitchens and to withstand normal kitchen operations. However, we do recommend that you exercise caution and limit the amount of spills that occur around the product where possible. A safety circuit breaker such as an RCD can also add further protection.

Here is a video featuring the Point Pod product and what should be done when spills occur. Please note, the Point Pod model is not available in the UK currently.