How To Fit A Pop-Up Or Pull-Up Socket Unit Into A Kitchen Worktop

A kitchen countertop pop-up electrical outlet is one of the easiest ways to upgrade your kitchen and bring it into the modern age. Fitting your kitchen pop-up outlet does not require an electrician and can be easily undertaken by the home handyman. Providing your existing sockets are in the right location, installation will take minutes.

Selecting the right pop-up socket

You can choose to have two outlets or four outlets in the same unit coupled with USB charger points. There is also the choice between manual or automatic pop-up and pop-down functions. A browse through our range will give you all of the features of each model, including technical specifications to help you choose the appropriate kitchen worktop sockets in the UK that work for you.

Standard electrical outlets

The placement of your standard outlets ideally should be below counter height hidden inside the cupboards. This will give you the full benefit of the aesthetics of kitchen worktop power sockets and also the functional safety of all wiring and leads completely tucked away. Should you need to move your existing outlets, this work will need to be undertaken by a licensed electrician.

Measuring up

You will need to cut a hole in your countertop to the correct measurements for the kitchen worktop sockets you are installing. Ensure the hole is large enough to accommodate the socket but small enough for the lip of the socket to sit securely on the edge. When selecting a location for your kitchen pop-up outlet, also consider the space it requires underneath your bench to fully retract so it can sit flush with your counters when not in use.


Once you have fitted the kitchen worktop power sockets to your counter, it is a simple matter of plugging it into your standard electrical outlet, much in the same way you plug in an electrical appliance. That’s it! You are now ready to use your new kitchen countertop pop-up electrical outlet.

Benefits of installing a pop-up outlet

So now you are ready to use your outlet. You can enjoy fuss-free multiple electrical appliances at the same time as charging your phone or tablet. When your work in the kitchen is done, simply retract the outlet, and that is it. Your counter will be an uninterrupted smooth space, and your outlet will be protected from any spills or splashes that may occur.

A pop-up outlet is not just for the kitchen

Once you have experienced the convenience of a kitchen worktop socket you will be tempted to install them in other rooms. Every surface on which you use electrical goods can be converted to a pop-up. Your office desk, a side cabinet, wherever you need to plug things in. The streamlined beauty of not seeing a white box on the wall or having extension cords running across a room causing trip hazards can be achieved in any room you desire.

Having difficulties?

Should you experience any issues at all with installing or using your kitchen worktop sockets in the UK, contact our friendly team, who are always available to help. We provide the best pop-up sockets for kitchen worktops and couple them with the best service levels possible. This is why we offer a buyers guide to make sure there are no surprises for our customers and even a warranty and repair service in the unlikely event that is needed.

Electrical Products Designed For Your Modern Kitchen Space

The modern kitchen has become the technology centre of the home, with electrical appliances becoming available to simplify almost every task. With appliances such as coffee makers, air fryers, blenders and sandwich makers all becoming standard kitchen items, options for the best pop-up kitchen socket have extended far beyond the traditional fridge and toaster — making your kitchen’s electronics an important factor when considering design.

Endless electrical choices

There are so many electrical appliances on the market that it can be difficult to determine which ones are essential items and which ones are destined for the back of the cupboard. We are going to take a walk through some of the more popular products available to try and break it down a little, which will hopefully help with deciding what you really need.

Coffee machines

Lovers of coffee have become used to being able to produce a café quality coffee at home to enjoy every day. From simple pod coffee makers to espresso machines, it seems every modern kitchen has a style of coffee machine in situ.

Air fryers

Initially a bit of a fad, there are still die-hard fans of this appliance due to the ease and healthy nature of cooking. An air fryer delivers all of your fried favourites without extra oil or fat. Guilt-free fish and chips? Yes, please!


Vitamix has become a household name and brought blenders into the essential category of a well-equipped modern kitchen. Mixing up smoothies, pureeing soups, crushing ice for those delicious G&T’s, the list goes on and on. The blender is an exceptionally useful and versatile kitchen item.


Who would have thought a toaster could have evolved to the standard that you can find today. From two to eight slice models, crumpet settings, bagel settings and digital toast levels remove the guesswork from the more traditional dial. This is one electrical appliance a kitchen simply cannot be without.

Slow cookers

Another essential item that has improved significantly since the days when the crockpot was introduced. Slow cookers have become popular due to busy lifestyles. Self-cooking meals save so much time and taste amazing. Succulent slow-cooked meat is always a winner.


Remember when the Kenwood Chef was the ultimate in kitchen mixers? They’re still around with fantastic modern improvements. There are also so many brands available now that it can be difficult to choose the best. Ultimately, whichever brand you go for, you will find your electric mixer will be a well-received addition to your kitchen.

Plugging it all in

We have listed such a small selection of electrical appliances available for the kitchen it has barely scratched the surface. Grinders, immersion blenders, kettles, carving knives, so many plug-in appliances and we haven’t even mentioned devices such as tablets and phones for recipes or online grocery shopping. It kind of makes your mind spin with images of banks of bulky white boxes for power points lining your kitchen benches. This is where pop-up electrical sockets for kitchens come into your design.

Pop-up sockets

Installing a kitchen worktop pop-up plug socket into your kitchen will give you the convenience of extra sockets and USB charging in a convenient location while offering the opportunity for a completely clear benchtop when not in use. Modern Power Solutions offer a range of pull-up sockets for kitchens that really will transform the functionality and aesthetics of your space.

Contact us today to find the best pop-up kitchen socket for your needs. Our handy ordering guide offers answers to many questions you may have for considerations such as warranty, and our friendly team is always available to offer advice.

Compare our Pop Up Electrical Sockets

Last Updated September 2021

At Modern Power Solutions, there are a few options to choose from when selecting the best pop up power outlet for your use case. This blog will go through and compare the different models to help customers find the most suitable one.

Currently, there are two ranges available at Modern Power Solutions, the V3 and V14.

V3 Range:

The V3 range is a motorised-lift pop-up unit. It goes up and down with the touch of the button on its lid. LED’s under the glass lid indicate its moving position.

The V3 range fits within a 90mm-100mm hole diameter. There are 2x USB-A ports providing 10w of power and 2x UK power outlets.

The V3 range is plug and play, it comes fitted with a UK plug on a 1.8m cable, so it is easy to connect to power under your bench.

V14 Range:

The V14 range is a gas-strut operated pop-up unit. It raises by pressing down on its lid. The V14 also features a Qi wireless charging top, four UK power sockets, 2x USB-A ports and 2x RJ45 ports for data and phone (optional connection).

The V14 range is plug and play, it comes fitted with a UK plug on a 1.8m cable, so it is easy to connect to power under your bench.

V3 vs V14 range?

The V14 range is larger in diameter but shorter than the V3 range (120mm hole vs 95mm hole)

Benefits of V3 over V14?

The V3 range is a futuristic-looking power point with LED indicators on its glass top and lifts automatically with a motor by the touch of a button. The V3 also features a rubber seal around the lid which is watertight when closed. In terms of size, the V3 fits in a smaller hole which may be preferable for tighter spaces.

Benefits of V14 over V3?

The V14’s key features are its Qi wireless charging top and its abundance of connectivity, featuring four power, two USB, and two RJ45 – more than the V3 range. The V14 has a simpler plain top – single colour without the elements of LED’s, glass and designs on the V3.


The V14 has more features, but the V3 range is watertight when closed, making it better for wetter areas, and the motorised functionality is unique. At the end of the day, it is up to personal preference and use case requirements.

Feel free to get in touch with a sales representative if you need further assistance.

What happens if I spill water on my bench-top?

Spills on bench-tops are inevitable. At Modern Power Solutions, we get asked this question a lot: what happens if I have a pop up power point installed and someone spills water on the bench? The short answer is: most of our models are designed for kitchens and designed to withstand spills safely. In this article, we will go into a bit more detail on this topic.


If water is spilled on your bench-top in the vicinity of your pop up power point, and the power point is wet, the first thing we recommend is to switch off or disconnect the power going to the unit from either under the bench or your household electrical control panel.

Once the power is disconnected, you can then proceed to drying any water on the unit as well as above and below the bench-top. Once the water is dry, we recommend waiting a further 24 hours before reconnecting power to the unit. From here, you can continue using the pop up power point as normal.

Installation considerations: 

Depending on your local building and electrical regulations, it is generally recommended that a pop up power point is installed at least 0.8m away from a water source or sink. The 0.8m rule applies in most jurisdictions. This will help protect large amounts of water from coming into contact with your product, which could otherwise cause long-term damage.

Sealed models: 

Some models, such as the V3 range, have a rubber seal that protects against water ingress when in the closed position. If water is spilled above the bench-top and the unit is closed, then simply drying the area around will allow you to use it again immediately.

Other considerations:

Our models are designed for kitchens and to withstand normal kitchen operations. However, we do recommend that you exercise caution and limit the amount of spills that occur around the product where possible. A safety circuit breaker such as an RCD can also add further protection.

Here is a video featuring the Point Pod product and what should be done when spills occur. Please note, the Point Pod model is not available in the UK currently.